Alpacasilk Wrap - Seascape
Alpacasilk Wrap - Seascape
Alpacasilk Wrap - Seascape

Alpacasilk Wrap - Seascape

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The Alpacasilk wraps and scarves are an incredible blend of silk and baby alpaca, which makes for a remarkable hand feel, quality, and texture.

Baby alpaca is alpaca fiber made with hair from the very first sheer of an alpaca. Sheering an alpaca is an ethical and humane process, no animals are ever harmed for Pokoloko products.

These beautiful wide shawls work as a luxurious scarf or a mini throw blanket, and make an excellent gift!

Materials: 70% baby alpaca 30% silk

Dimensions: 26""W x 76""L

Origin: Ethically produced by artisans in Ecuador

Care: Hand wash with mild soap or machine wash on cold, delicate cycle. Do not ring, scrunch, stretch or twist. Lay flat to dry

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