Heartfelt Merino Skirt-Glacier

Heartfelt Merino Skirt-Glacier

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This soft, beautiful skirt is made of "cruelty-free" wool.  The non-itchy felt style wool will keep you feeling cozy, and the bright colours will lift your mood. 

Naturally moisture-wicking and heat-regulating for peak performance. All the warmth, none of the itch. Do not steam or wash in hot water - garment will shrink. See care instructions for additional details.

Materials: 100% Non-Mulesed Merino Wool

Origin: Ethically produced in China

Fit Guide: Easy, relaxed fit.

Care: Turn garment inside out and soak in diluted, gentle detergent for 10-15 minutes. Rinse gently in cool water with gentle agitation, being careful not to wring garment. Lay over towel and gently press excess fluid out. Rebuild garment shape and allow to dry flat. Do not steam or wash in hot water - garment will shrink. See garment tags for additional details.

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At VAIYA, we believe that clothing should make you look and feel good, inside and out. Which is why we choose natural and eco-friendly fabrics as much as possible!