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Basanti Turquoise Scarf

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Our Basanti Ikat Scarf is hand-woven using the finest cotton. Ikat is a handloom technique that involves tie-dyeing the yarn before the loom is set for weaving, and the resulting Ikat pattern is formed by the tie-dyed yarn joining as the warp and weft of the woven material. Our fine hand loomed scarves are woven by master weavers in Eastern India and many artisans are involved in each aspect of the process–from spinning and tie-dyeing the fine cotton yarn to setting the loom, weaving, and hand-braiding the tassels. No electricity is used at any stage of production, making these fair trade cotton scarves an eco-friendly work of art that will last for generations.

Material: Cotton

Origin: Fair Trade Certified, handwoven in India

Size: 27" x 78"

Why choose us?

At VAIYA, we believe that clothing should make you look and feel good, inside and out. Which is why we choose natural and eco-friendly fabrics as much as possible!

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