Girlfriend Collective: Sustainable Activewear

BRANDS WE LOVE: Girlfriend Collective

The Athleisure Movement

Activewear is now a big trend in women’s clothing! It is as much a staple today as blazers with shoulder pads were in the 1980’s. Seriously though, the athleisure clothing industry continues to grow year over year, and thanks to their flattering look and comfort, are worn both in and out of the gym. However the high demand for active wear coupled with synthetic fabrics used meant a massive environmental footprint that left much to be desired.

Embracing Body Positive and Environmental Values

In 2017, Girlfriend Collective entered the activewear scene with an innovative product made using upcycled plastic bottles. They saw a need in the market for work-out wear that was produced ethically and with minimal environmental impact. 

Another unique aspect of the brand is that they marketed themselves with a strong message towards body positivity, breaking down the perception that athleisure was for small sized bodies only. They use a range of models from petite to plus size, and incorporate very diverse models in the marketing, using women of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, body types and physical abilities. 


Why We Love Girlfriend Collective

At VAIYA we are committed to supporting brands that do the right thing. Their body-positive image resonates deeply with our store, which has always strived to be a positive space for women to shop. While we are limited in our capacity to carry their entire size range, we are always happy to direct customers looking for plus size active wear to their website, and love supporting a brand that is inclusive to all women.

Although this service is not available in Canada, Girlfriend Collective even offers a recycling program where customers in the US can send in their used goods for credit towards new ones. The polyester in the fabric is once again broken down, and used to make new material. 

Let’s Get Technical

What's the deal with their eco-friendly fabric? 

  • The core collection of sports bras and compressive leggings are made from recycled polyester and recycled post-consumer bottles. 
  • LITE Leggings are made from recycled fishing nets and other waste. 
  • Tees and tanks are 100% cupro, a delicate fiber made from waste the cotton industry leaves behind. 
  • Yarn is made in a zero-waste, zero-emission facility in Japan, then constructed at a socially accountable factory in Hanoi.

Shopping Sustainably

In 2021 all trends point towards sustainable, ethical and mindful fashion. The owner of VAIYA has been riding the eco+ethical train since her first store opened in 2013, but we are thrilled to see more and more choices on the market.

Girlfriend Collective fits in perfectly with our other eco-friendly and ethically sourced brands available in our shop. We are happy to offer our customers a sustainable option of activewear and we know you will love the fit and quality as much as we do!

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Blog written by Amanda LePiane of Thrive Digital Marketing Co and Carolina D'Andrea